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Commercial Dishwasher Repairs

Book commercial dishwasher repairs engineer now! Our office support team and site engineers are ready to help you. We have engineers in your area and are ready to help you solve your issue.

We specialise in all aspects of commercial dishwasher repairs and all types of wash ware. From installations, repairs, maintenance, call outs, planned preventative maintenance. 

We are happy to work on an ad hoc basis as and when things go wrong and we can also help you prevent any unplanned commercial dishwasher repair breakdowns. 

Commercial dishwasher repair requirements are sometimes extremely urgent, we know that is the case and we are ready to work with you to work towards getting your dishwasher back up and running. 


Commercial Dishwasher Repairs

Five Things Our Engineer Checks When Carrying Out Commercial Dishwasher Repairs. 

As professional engineers, we understand the importance of keeping commercial dishwashers running smoothly to ensure your business runs efficiently. When carrying out repairs on commercial dishwashers, our skilled engineers follow a strict checklist to ensure that everything is in working order. Here are the first five things we check:

  1. Water Supply: We start by checking if the water supply is turned on and if there are no blockages in the pipes. This ensures that there is a constant supply of clean water for washing dishes.

  2. Electrical Connections: Our next step is to check if all electrical connections are secure to avoid any electric hazards and have a continuous power supply for the dishwasher.

  3. Wash Arms: We inspect the wash arms to ensure they are in good condition and correctly positioned. Blocked or damaged wash arms can result in poor dishwasher performance.

  4. Filters: We examine the filters as they play an essential role in removing food debris from plates and glasses during the wash cycle. Clogged or blocked filters can significantly affect the dishwasher’s ability to clean dishes properly.

  5. Detergent Dispenser: Finally, we check the detergent dispenser’s functionality to ensure that the dishwasher is dispensing the correct amount of detergent during each wash cycle.

Following these steps, we can identify most issues in commercial dishwashers and proceed with the necessary repairs, ensuring your business stays operational.

We perform all work in a timely manner and keep you updated

We always do our work in a timely manner. We are constantly striving to improve our speed.

We guarantee wash ware spare parts for peace of mind

We provide a guarantee on spare parts fitted the length of the warranty depends on the work provided.

We aim to complete/fix your commercial dishwasher repairs on the first visit. Although when this is not possible we will identify the root cause of your issue and will provide you with a quotation for the works needed for your approval. No unexpected costs!

Our wash ware pro commercial dishwasher engineer will attend to your issue and will identify the problem with no fuss. The office team will help you get your issues sorted in a timely and professional manner. We are here to assist you as a team. 

Get free diagnostics over the phone & deploy an engineer as a matter of urgency.

Frequently asked questions

What if my washware equipment requires a complex repair?

Our specialist will highlight this to you at the time of the visit with knowledge available to them. Our office support staff will update you with any information and work with you to perform repairs.

Do you have customer support?

We have an office support team to update on site works, invoices, job sheets, updates and more. We are a team of engineers and professional office staff.

We have a fixed cost for travel and first hour?

We keep our costs at a minimum taking in to consideration travel, time on site, office support and most importantly, expertise. 

We are a commercial dishwasher and glasswasher specialist providing repairs & installation to all types of premises.

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