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Classeq G500DUO

A glasswasher fit for any commercial premises. 500x500mm basket. 30 racks/hr. Drain pump & water softener. Call us 0800 334 5221. 


500x500mm basket. 30 racks/hr. Drain pump & water softener.

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Revolutionizing Your Dishwashing Experience: The Classeq G500DUO
When it comes to elevating your commercial kitchen’s dishwashing game, look no further than the Classeq G500DUO. This cutting-edge undercounter glasswasher is a true game-changer in the culinary world. With its dual wash cycles, the Classeq G500DUO sets a new standard for efficiency and performance, cleaning up to a remarkable 1000 glasses per hour. Say goodbye to the stress of keeping up with the demands of busy bars and restaurants – the Classeq G500DUO is here to simplify your dishwashing process while delivering sparkling results every time.

“Unleash the Power of Cleanliness with Classeq G500DUO”
Cleanliness is not just a preference; it’s a necessity in the foodservice industry, and the Classeq G500DUO takes it to a whole new level. Its unmatched performance ensures that your glassware and dishes are spotless, promoting a positive dining experience for your customers. With its compact design and exceptional capacity, this glasswasher is designed to optimize your kitchen’s workflow, making it a must-have for establishments that value both speed and quality. Join the revolution and let the Classeq G500DUO redefine your dishwashing experience, setting the bar higher than ever before.

    • Compact design: 845(H) x 570(W) x 605(D)mm
    • Built to last: Stainless Steel construction
    • Customizable temperature: 55°C to 70°C range
    • Peace of mind: 2-Year Warranty
    • Solid and sturdy: 55kg in weight
    • Elegant finish: Stainless Steel exterior
    • Fast cycles: 2 minutes or 90 seconds, outputting 1000 glasses/hour
    • Hassle-free maintenance: Drain down program
    • Effortless control: Intuitive digital panel
    • Energy-efficient: Standby mode
    • Superior hygiene: Washing temperature of 70°C
    • Enhanced performance: Rinse booster pump
    • British craftsmanship: Proudly made in Britain
    • Water pressure flexibility: Minimum 2-bar requirement
    • Ready to use: Includes two open baskets
    • Versatile installation: Drain pump and WRAS approved air gap
    • Scale-free solution: Water softener included
    • Self-cleaning feature: Improved hygiene guaranteed.

Classeq G500DUO a quick overview

Discover the Power of Classeq G500DUO: The Ultimate Glasswasher for Commercial Kitchens

The Classeq G500DUO is more than just a glasswasher – it’s a game-changer in the world of commercial kitchens. Combining efficiency, durability, and a host of innovative features, the G500DUO stands out as the ultimate solution for your warewashing needs.

Unleashing Efficiency with the Classeq G500 DUO

The G500DUO is renowned for its unparalleled efficiency. Capable of washing up to 1000 pint glasses per hour1, it ensures that your bar or restaurant never runs out of clean glassware, even during peak hours.

Innovative Features of Classeq G500DUO & what sets the G500DUO apart from its competitors are its unique features:

Built-in Drain Pump: This feature enables the machine to drain water effectively, ensuring optimal cleaning performance.
Rinse Booster Pump: It guarantees that every glass gets a hot rinse, resulting in spotless and sanitized glassware
Chemical Dispenser: The built-in chemical dispenser ensures the right amount of detergent and rinse aid is used for each wash cycle.
Double-Skinned Construction: The durable double-skinned construction not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces noise output.

Why Choose Wash Ware Pro?
At Wash Ware Pro, we believe in delivering more than just products. We offer comprehensive solutions for your wash up area and glass washer requirements which are all tailored to your specific needs. Here’s why you should choose us:

Expertise: With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and skills to guide you to the best warewashing solutions.
Quality Products: We’re proud to supply top-of-the-line products like the Classeq G500DUO that deliver outstanding performance and durability.
Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to help with any queries or issues.
Working with manufacturers: Not only do we have in house support and knowledge we also work closely with the people that make the units and have their support 

Conclusion: Enhance Your Kitchen Efficiency with Classeq G500DUO

The Classeq G500DUO is a powerful, efficient, and reliable solution for all your glasswashing needs. With its innovative features and robust construction, it’s the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen. Experience the difference with the G500DUO today!

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