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Classeq Pass Through

A classeq pass through is fit for any commercial premises. With the power to clean a staggering 720 plates an hour, its an unsung hero. Call us 0800 334 5221. 


In the heart of a bustling kitchen, where time is of the essence, the P500 Pass Through Dishwasher steps in as your ultimate savior. With the power to clean a staggering 720 plates every hour, it’s the unsung hero your establishment deserves. Say goodbye to dishwashing dilemmas and embrace seamless efficiency with the P500. Let it save your day, every day!

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Effortless Control, Robust Performance
Experience simplicity in operation with our intuitive two-button control system, designed to handle the demands of a bustling kitchen while remaining easy to clean and robust with Classeq pass through.

Plate Powerhouse
Dish out perfection with the ability to wash up to 720 dinner plates every hour*. Choose from three model levels – Everyday, Intermediate, and Intensive Use – tailored to your wash volume needs.

Water Expertise
Elevate your efficiency with an optional integral water softener and chemical pump, simplifying your setup while saving valuable space. Rest assured, all Classeq pass through machines adhere to Type AB WRAS compliance.

Supporting Your Success
We’ve got your back – our dedicated team is ready to assist with all your sales and technical inquiries. Plus, our nationwide network of directly employed technicians ensures your machines stay in top-notch condition with swift service and repairs.

Some examples of Classeq Pass Through specs:

  • Compact and Durable: 1470(H) x 630(W) x 720(D)mm Stainless Steel Design
  • Peace of Mind: 2-Year Warranty, 130kg Weight
  • Customizable Cleaning: Choose from three wash cycles (90, 180, or 300 seconds)
  • Effortless Operation: Intuitive digital controls and performance monitoring via digital display
  • Chemical Precision: Easily prime and adjust chemical dosing from the front control panel
  • Space-Saving Design: Hood opens to 1970mm height
  • Complete Set: Supplied with 1x open basket, 1x plate basket, and 1x cutlery basket
  • Powerful Cleaning: Built-in rinse booster pumps for tough grease removal
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Fitted with a drain pump and WRAS-approved Type A air gap
  • Longevity Assurance: Two-stage filter system protects wash and drain pumps

Classeq Pass Through - an overview

Experience Unmatched Cleaning Power with the Classeq Pass Through Dishwasher!

In the heart of any bustling commercial kitchen, the Classeq P500A Pass Through Dishwasher reigns supreme. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime as this powerhouse comes equipped with powerful rinse booster pumps and intelligent wash cycles. With three wash programs (90, 180, or 300 seconds), it adapts to your needs, swiftly delivering spotless perfection to your plates, utensils, and cutlery. Plus, its generous 440mm entry height accommodates even the largest pans and platters with effortless ease.

But that’s not all – this mighty machine reaches a scorching rinse temperature of 82°C for a full 12 seconds, an accomplishment hard to replicate by handwashing. Your equipment will be sanitized beyond compare, safeguarding both staff and customers against transferable viruses. For added peace of mind, it’s recommended to store your freshly cleaned items in the wash basket, minimizing contact and handling.

The Classeq P500A doesn’t stop at superior cleaning; it also comes equipped with a drain pump, WRAS-approved Type A air gap, and a rinse booster pump. With options for single or 3-phase power and choices for installation, it’s a versatile powerhouse ready to elevate your kitchen’s performance. Say goodbye to the challenges of dishwashing and embrace the Classeq Pass Through Dishwasher – your key to efficiency, hygiene, and unrivaled cleanliness!

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